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Neurodivergent people can be more likely to experience mental health concerns than  neurotypical people.


You may have found access to support with areas such as learning development and social interaction. I have noticed that your emotional needs – be they residual from childhood or ongoing as you cope with your feelings on a daily basis – are not afforded the same level of attention.

In my experience of working closely with autistic people, counselling can provide you with vital steps towards the kind of psychological well-being that enables you to achieve your potential and lead happier lives.

I integrate the neurodiversity paradigm into my work which means I do not view autism as a problem to be “cured”. I believe that neurodivergence is a valuable part of human diversity and should be accepted, nurtured and catered for.


I help neurodivergent people to be themselves, and to feel good about who they are. I don’t encourage autistic people to act neurotypical as this is not healthy for their self esteem. We live in a society which is largely not accepting of neurodivergent people which often results in low self esteem. Counselling can help to rebuild this.

Being diagnosed with

Autism in later life


If you have been diagnosed with Autism in adulthood, you may have experienced an array of emotions from relief and validation through to anger at not being able to access the support you needed previously. Expressing these emotions is important to help you to process them and to move forward with your life.

The self-awareness you can gain through counselling, will help you to understand this new information you have gained about yourself. This self-awareness can empower you to accept yourself whilst being open to positive change.

Working with a counsellor with personal experience of Autism enables the counselling sessions to flow more easily and will allow us to work at a deeper level. Since I have an understanding of many of the issues you may be facing, we can spend more time on processing your thoughts and feelings, rather than you having to explain yourself.

Coping with being Autistic in a Neurotypical world


I understand that many Autistic people find change hard. Life events such as a change of job, a house move, or finishing university can be daunting. It is important to look after yourself through these transitional times.

Person centred counselling can help you to accept these changes, come to terms with them, process your emotions and make the transition into a more positive one.

Meeting new people – particularly at the beginning of a new working relationship – can be unnerving. I want to make our first meeting as easy as possible for you. Please contact me with whichever form of contact you are most at ease with: email, text, call or leave a voicemail. Let me know how you would like me to reply to you. We can have a free 30 minute consultation which is a chance for you to meet me and see if you feel like we can work together.

Our counselling sessions would take place in the same building each week, or fortnightly if you choose. We can also arrange to meet at the same time, too. Each session will be 50 minutes long.

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